Dear Colleagues,

The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in KoŇ°ice invites you with great pleasure for V. International Scientific Conference „Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of Animals“ to be held on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of its funding that will take place on September 4. -5. 2014.

The conference purports to bring the latest up to date information on infectious and parasitic diseases of humans and animals, as well as new approaches of managing them. In previous years we always have managed to create a comfortable atmosphere for discussion and exchange of experiences and opinions. Infectology and parasitology are among the most rapidly evolving disciplines, thanks to the introduction of new research methods at the molecular level, new environmental, biochemical, immunological and genetic knowledge that successfully contribute to solving global zoonoses, parasitic diseases and also many viral and bacterial infections.

We believe that in today's busy times you will find the space for spending pleasant September days filled with professional and social meetings and discussions on interesting topics and sharing results of your research with other conference participants. The Organizing Committee and all colleagues will enjoy your interesting contributions of a wide range of research that offer infectology and parasitology in practice and in science.